Dry Clean

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image11001227You not only want a dry cleaner you can trust, but someone with whom you can build a relationship, a cleaner you know will put you first.  At English Dry Cleaners, we have what it takes to fit all of your standards.  Clothes are our specialty, fantastic customer service is our passion, and we never settle for anything less than perfection.  With the best products and employees who care, we’ll never return your clothes with leftover stains or new marks, and we’ll prove that we are a company you can trust.  We’re so positive that we guarantee you’ll not only be satisfied, but you’ll be happy.

Bring your dry cleaning by today and see for yourself why so many clients love us!

Best Prices In Florida!

Dry Cleaning – Suit Special $6.50 2 piece men’s or women’s
Laundry Starch Men’s Dress Shirts with D/C order $1.25
Comforters Dry Cleaned – $20.00 wow!
We own the Dry Clean Plant we do the work


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